About Dr. Farooqui

Greensboro Pediatric Surgery was established by Dr. Farooqui and is currently the only Pediatric Surgery practice in Greensboro. Dr. Farooqui has been providing excellent surgical care for the children of our community since 2001, first with Piedmont Surgeons for Children and subsequently with the Moses Cone Pediatric Sub-Specialists of Greensboro.

Dr. Farooqui was a faculty member at the University of Michigan School of Medicine, Section of Pediatric Surgery, after leaving Greensboro briefly, but his heart was still in Greensboro and he returned to start Greensboro Pediatric Surgery.

Dr. Farooqui is privileged to operate at the Moses Cone Health System, including Moses Cone Memorial Hospital, Wesley Long Community Hospital, and the Women's Hospital of Greensboro. He is a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons and the American Academy of Pediatrics.