Oct 5, 2011
"My son had to have a circumsion- Dr. F was excellent in explaining the procedure and we were extremely pleased with him overall."

Jul 28, 2011
"My 5-month-old had to have surgery two weeks ago. I was a mess! He explained everything and made me feel much more comfortable. The surgery didn't take long and he came out and let me know exactly what he did and what I needed to do. A couple days later, I had a question (on the weekend, at night) and his answering service paged him. He called back within 2 minutes and he let me know exactly what I should do. He goes above and beyond. Greensboro and Moses Cone need to do whatever they can to keep our one fantastic pediatric surgeon here with us forever!"

Jul 12, 2011
"Dr. Farooqui also performed two surgeries on my daughter who was very sick and had complications. He was very kind, patient. Answered everyones questions no matter how long it took. He included us in the process. He is a very busy man and he always did what ever it took to get our daughter healthy. He even stayed actively involved when we ended back in the ER and was up all night with us via phone getting updates and making sure the ER dr. where following the right path. My daughter thinks he's awesome!"

Feb 24, 2011
"Dr. Farooqui performed surgery on one of my grandsons. Dr. was so kind to the family, as well as the patient. He explained everything to us in a way that we could understand. He went beyond what we would have imagined in order that the patient and family would feel comfortable. Patient is recovering nicely and it will be an experience that he will remember pleasantly. We were appreciative of his knowledge and expertise in his profession."

Feb 22, 2010
"Dr. Farooqui was wonderful with my child. He speng a lot of time interacting with him in order to make him feel comfortable."